Following the results of the previous year of 2015 the holding’s Development Department developed and approved a strategy of company’s development for 2016 which defines rather ambitious plans for the future period and provides for steep expansion of the company.

The company will foremost develop its production and construction potential. In 2016 the company is planning to launch its own half-automated line of module construction installation which will give an opportunity to reduce the project implementation periods and considerably increase the company’s productivity.

Also the holding is planning to expand a range of activities: to launch the direction of concrete and monolithic and stone construction in order to provide a wide range of services to the commercial sector and to enter the market of multi-storeyed construction.

And, of course, the company doesn't stop in its plans regarding the expansion of its presence in Ukraine and elsewhere. In 2016 the holding will open representative offices in Odessa and Dnipro and enter the Polish construction market.