karkasny dom

Private houses and commercial objects

logo EH для формы “EuroHouse” specializes in private house design, turnkey construction and sale. The company has been working in Ukraine since 2008 and confidently occupies the leading position in the private house construction market. Nowadays EuroHouse is cooperating with the leading European producers of qualitative eco-friendly construction materials and using the production of such well-known brands as Egger, Rockwool, Rehau, Isover, and Ceresit.
The main goal of the EuroHouse’s work is to increase the quality of life, giving people an opportunity to have their own house built of pollution-free materials, making it power-efficient and comfortable for life. Therefore the company’s motto “Dream. Family. House” reflects and supports the main values of modern people.

smerekova hata

Carpathian timber houses

smerekTraditions of constructing wooden houses from Carpathian timber have been known for their practicality and naturalness for a long time. A house, which “breathes” and keeps the aura of natural wood, the freshness of mountain air, the youth of fast-moving rivers and the warmth of ancient traditions — that is what a house from Smerekova Hata is.

“Smerekova Khata” specializes in constructing wooden houses from cylinder-shaped timber, profiled beams, wild timber and glued beams. The range of the company’s offers is very wide and satisfies the needs of the most exacting customers, both Ukrainian and foreign ones. The portfolio of the company contains a lot of designs, from standard designs of saunas and summer cottages to large individual designs of country recreation centres, Finnish houses and cottage towns.
Numerous positive reviews about the company are the result of the cohesive work of the team of masters personally responsible for the quality of their work.

Smerekova Hata revives the traditions of constructing eco-friendly houses from Carpathian beams and combines them with modern technologies of energy saving.


Canadian houses

The task of Frame House is to make living in one’s own private house accessible to everyone. Therefore the company uses in its work the modern technologies of fast construction from SIP panels and cheap frame construction using the materials of local producers.
Frame House fully justifies the trust of its customers, providing high-quality services in construction and sale of country houses of standard designs, summer cottages, dachas, garages, cottages of small area and small annexes and superstructures to private houses.